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Super Lightweight CMS

Welcome to Logos MVC and CMS !!!  this is the lightweight CMS and MVC framework. This is the demo site of Logos MVC and CMS. I make flat file CMS based on MVC architecture for User that need small / super light weight CMS based on MVC framework. My project size is about 48 KB (Zipped), and have full access for SEO and fast Sites. You can check the speed at demo site and look at the bottom page in \"The page is rendered in\"  it\'s approximately 0.000XX seconds for render all request. This is less than 0.000XX second (less than 1 second for rendered the site). You can edited the script but don\'t delete the author copyright or modify it. Just left it ike that. But You can add more comment if you have edited the site with author copyright still at there.

For further information You can contact me at tomo.logos@gmail.com

My site that I have made are:

Website Stikes Bahrul Ulum Jombang

Website SPMB STIKES Bahrul Ulum Jombang

Or Just sharing on PHP Classes Site (Logos MVC).

Thanks: Hadi Sutomo (tomo)

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